Things Change

    Clint pushed through the swinging doors of Toads Old Saloon a cloud of yellow smoke following him like a carcinogenic entourage. His long greasy hair pulled back with a bandanna and the same shit-eating grin on his face as always. His stooges Hannibal and Rex walked a close step behind him. Hannibal and Rex would be like  Heckle and Jeckle if Heckle and Jeckle were a pair of two bit hit men one more dangerous than the other. Clint pulls the last drag from his cigarette and tosses it on the bar room floor; rubbing it out with those shit kickers he calls cowboy boots. Clint’s as mean as they come, one salty dog, he’s as ugly on the inside as he is on the outside, and he’s the reason why we’re all gathered here tonight.
    Clint just became boss of the “organization”. Thing is, there’s only a couple ways to gain this prestigious title. There’s the democratic way you put it to a vote. And there’s the other way the old fashion way, you take the boss out yourself. You better be the toughest motherfucker walking around though because once you off the boss you’re going to have a lot of new enemies and you better have the fear and respect of the rest of the gang too. Clint’s tough all right tougher than any of these thugs, thieves, or murderers sitting around me, in fact only person tougher than Clint is Clints brother.
    Clint steps up to the bar and starts peeling the dried blood caked leather gloves of his hands.
“ Well boys, spose we all know why I called this impromptu meeting tonight seems we have a matter at hand.”
Clint reaches behind the bar and grabs a bottle of beer
“ That aint how it was sposed to go Clint. We was gonna put it to a vote than take it from there! ” one of the more older members calls from the back.
“ Well Mexico, things change” He starts laughing but stops because nobody else thinks he’s funny. Hannibal and Rex are sitting on bar stools behind him playing with their knives which in itself is a disturbing sight. They start laughing when Clint shoots them a sharp look.
“See Mexico, I had myself a little meeting with the Boss earlier this afternoon, seems we came to some disagreements I told him I think we should expand our franchise, he wants to stay put. I thought we should destroy the competition wipe it out, he wants to play fair, but most of all our biggest difference was I wanted it all. Well boys The Boss just didn’t buy it, seems he needed some more convincing so I put six bullets in his chest.” Clints laugh makes me sick it’s the perfect mix of a hyena and the sound that little drill makes at the dentist office.
“ You greedy son of a bitch, you’re going to start a war! And for what more money, more drugs! You murdered the boss like a dog for what? So you can make an extra dollar?”
“ Like a dog? No, no. Mexico If I was going to murder someone like the dog they were, I’d send someone to sneak up on them while they weren’t paying attention and slit their throats open.”
Mexico was so worked up he didn’t even notice Rex sneak up behind him with a knife, I hope Mexico was in such a rage he didn’t feel the cold steel as it sliced his neck open. His body falls side ways and onto the floor, a pool of blood begins to form.
“Anybody else got anything to contribute before we go about business”
The gangs eerily silent, if he didn’t have their fear before he’s got it now but he’s still got no respect.
“Okay then, lets begin”
    Clint pulls another cigarette out of the pack and lights it with a match, he pulls a chair up and turns it round backwards to sit in it, his pair of nickel plate 45. Automatics shine at his sides, who the fucks he think he is anyways The Shadow? It’s probably about the time Clint begins talking about planting explosives under the docks where the Chinese get their shipments in that I decide enough’s enough. I know the repercussions of what I’m about to do and I’m prepared to do it. I pull my own 45. Automatic out and put a bullet right between Clint’s eyes. The back of his head creates a Rorschach of brain, skull and blood on the wall behind him. I don’t have time to ask everybody their own interpretation but I can tell you what I see, I see my brother with the back of his head blown all over the fucking wall, and I see a set of car keys in his left pocket.
“Christ Mack, he was your only brother”
“Well Spinelli, things change”
    I grab Clints Cigarettes and car keys. He’s only got three smokes left which means I’m almost out. Heckle and Jeckle already made a run for it they wont get far though after all I got the keys to Clint’s 53’ Cadillac Elderado, and boy Is she cherry looks like she just rolled out of the show room. I pull a smoke out and light up; I start making my way towards the exit.
“Where you going Mack?”
“After those two“ I need to find Hannibal and Rex before they make it to the lower south side. They’ll try to turn sides and join up with our rivals the “Disorganization” and trade secrets for protection. I step outside and inhale the cool night air. I start the engine and pull into the street, there’s some dame standing on the corner. She’s dressed way to well to be a hooker, and even if she is she’s on the wrong side of town unless she’s got a 12’ Gauge Shotgun under that short little skirt of hers. I pull over and roll down the window.
“You lost sweetheart?”
Without even a blink of the eye she opens the door and gets in, she puts her hand on my leg and looks me stone cold dead in the eye.
“Take me somewhere safe”